Attendance Matters

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Teaching & Learning

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Important Dates for March!

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March Principal's Newsletter

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March Principal's Newsletter

Change of Plans Ahead

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change of plans for March 2
-Help us spread the word! March 2nd we were scheduled for a 2 hr late arrival, but that is being changed to an early dismissal. That is the same day we are hosting the SW Ohio District Wrestling Tournament in our Gym. Between 1 PM and 3 PM 2000-3000 fans, as well as 225 Wrestlers and Coaches, will be arriving for the 2 day event.

To avoid the traffic jam and problems getting buses and kids out after school, we will be changing the 2 hour late arrival to an early dismissal. Schools will start at their regular times. Please help us get the word out to all of our families as the date gets nearer.

3/2 WMS/WHS release time: 1:10 p.m.
3/2 Elementary release time: 2:15 p.m.

Forums and FAQs

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link to grade level centers page
We invite you to visit our newly updated Grade Level Center page for recent updates and announcements! As planned, we are adding FAQs and dates/information for 2 upcoming community forums. Please take a few minutes and catch up on all of our GLC news and information on our upcoming community forums.

One School One Book

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Have you heard? We launched our annual One School One Book event this week! We are well underway in our reading of Flora's adventures and getting to know her and the other characters in the book. I hope you will join us on Tuesday, February 27th for dinner and our Family Night where we will celebrate and have fun and learn around the events and themes in the book. Here's a link to the nightly reading guide. Students can certainly read ahead! Each day at school students will be asked trivia questions about the previous night's reading and win prizes. You can also find a link to all of the chapters being read aloud by teachers and principals. Enjoy your month of family reading!
Audio Files
Nightly Reading Guide

Reading Schedule OSOB 2017/18

February Important Dates

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3/6 - 2nd Grade Wax Museum @ 6 pm

February Principal's Newsletter

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February Principal's Newsletter

Sydney, Trained Therapy Dog, Visits Denver

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We are so excited to welcome Sydney, a trained therapy dog, and her trainer/owner, Kim Hildebrandt to Denver Place! Sydney and Kim will be volunteering at Denver Place and East End, starting in January. Students at Denver Place can expect to see Sydney in the hallways, office, lobby, and maybe even their classrooms on Monday mornings.  

There’s lots of research that shows that there are multiple benefits to having trained therapy dogs work with elementary students. Some of the benefits include -

  1. Reduce stress for students who find school stressful.

  2. Improve social interactions between students and their peers and teachers.

  3. Assist students from becoming emotionally stuck when they feel overwhelmed or disappointed by something in the school environment.

These are just some of the benefits. We realize that some students might be allergic to dogs or might even have a fear of dogs. Please let your child’s teacher know if you believe that your child will be adversely affected by interaction with Sydney while she is visiting Denver Place. If your child has a fear of dogs that you would like Sydney to assist with, please let us know and we can have Sydney help with that.

Please make Sydney feel welcome as she starts her important work at Denver Place with students and staff! Here are some links to articles about therapy dogs in other schools across the country -

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